CRIR Committees and Meetings



  • CRIR has several committees that guide research, coordinate all sites, evaluate scientific projects and manage communications.
  1. Research Orientation Committee (ROC)
    • Communications Committee (This Committee is an ad hoc sub-committee of the Research Orientation Committee (COR))
  2. Site Coordination Committee (SCC)
  3. Scientific Evaluation Committee (SEC)
  4. Student Comittee (SC)
  5. EDI-A Commitee



  • CRIR organizes two meetings per year for the members in order to present the scientific and administrative program of the research center, to consult on various subjects and to obtain recommendations for the nomination of new researchers and the renewal of members.
  1. Annual General Meeting of CRIR members (AGM) | Invitation HERE

    The Annual General Meeting is composed of all CRIR researchers, clinicians, students and staff.
    → It serves as a forum for exchanges between all members. It is consulted on questions of scientific programming and administrative organization, on research areas and on the development of CRIR.
    → It is usually held in November.
  2. CRIR Researchers Meeting (CRM) The CRIR Researchers Meeting is composed of all the CRIR’s Research members. It makes the necessary recommendations concerning:
    →The appointment and renewal of research members
    →The orientations and annual programming of research
    →Research policies and objectives of the CRIR development plan.
    →It usually takes place in May.