CALL FOR PROJECTS – CRIR « New Initiatives » Program 2018-2019

Call for projects open to CRIR regular researchers and healthcare/professional members for the development of research in the clinical rehabilitation milieu

The program aims to “encourage the formulation of a project, that is, either for the drafting of a research protocol dealing with an original problem, or for the start-up of a new research team working on an original problem”.
Recipients will receive a maximum amount of $10,000 per project.

The deadline for receiving projects is February 15, 2019. All themes will be considered.

In case of an equivalent ranking, multi-site applications (i.e., research activities involving more than one CRIR research site) or inter-axis projects will be favored. We would like to receive an email signed by the person authorized by the concerned institution, explicitly stating the financial contribution and support the site intends to make.

An evaluation grid will be used to analyze projects.

An activity report form must be completed 18 months following the receipt of the letter confirming the grant.  Awarded recipients will receive a form to complete at a later date.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Spyridoula Xenocostas at 514 340-2085 # 4780.

Please send your application to the attention of Spyridoula Xenocostas at the CRIR administrative email: [email protected]