Nomination of an IURDPM Institutional Researcher – Diana Zidarov, Ph.D.

The Institut universitaire sur la réadaptation en déficience physique de Montréal (IURDPM) of the CIUSSS du Centre-Sud-de-l’Île-de-Montréal (CCSMTL) is proud to welcome Diana Zidarov as an institutional researcher.

Holder of a doctorate from the School of Public Health at Université de Montréal, and postdoctoral fellow in the Person Centred and Health Informatics Research Lab at McGill University, Ms. Zidarov has developed expertise and interests in the field of knowledge translation strategies, organization of rehabilitation care and services, and implementation of best practices.

As an institutional researcher, she will develop a scientific program that not only aligns with the IURDPM and CRIR research program, but that also meets the priorities and clinical needs of the institute. More concretely, she will coordinate the design and implementation of research projects, dissemination of the research findings, and optimization of the results among different partners and target audiences. She will also contribute to university education.

We are delighted to welcome her to the IURDPM research team, which will notably bring the research and clinical spheres closer together through rich and constructive collaborations, while expanding the reach of our IU.

Her office is located on the 5th floor of the IURDPM (Lindsay pavilion) of the CCSMTL.

Contact information:
Diana Zidarov, Ph.D.
IURDPM Institutional Researcher
Lindsay Pavilion
6363, Hudson Road # 502
Montréal QC H3S 1M9
Phone: 514 340-2085 (4711)
Email: [email protected]