Call for applications CRIR: Eva Kehayia Recognition Award | 2024

Eva Kehayia Recognition Award | 2024

Promising Young Investigator

The Eva Kehayia Recognition Award – Promising Young Investigator is a distinction created by the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Rehabilitation of Greater Montreal (CRIR) in 2021, in honour of Eva Kehayia, scientific co-director of CRIR 2000-2020.  During her years as Scientific Director, she distinguished herself by her human qualities, her outstanding commitment to the CRIR and its members, her invaluable leadership, and her ability to act as a mentor to young researchers.

This prize is awarded to a CRIR researcher who has contributed to the development of adaptation-rehabilitation research and to CRIR’s mission during the first seven years of their career (Faculty appointment or institutional research position after June 1, 2017).



  • To recognize the contribution of young researchers towards the development and promotion of CRIR’s research mission.
  • To promote research in adaptation-rehabilitation science.


  • A two hundred and fifty dollars ($250) prize.
  • The successful candidate will have the opportunity to present their research results at a CRIR event (lunch conference, assembly, scientific day).


  • Be a CRIR member in good standing.
  • Dedicate >50% of research time to CRIR.
  • Have obtained their first academic or institutional research position within the last 7 years (i.e. after June 1, 2017).
  • Resubmissions are accepted, except for laureates who cannot resubmit an application.


The selection committee will evaluate applications according to four criteria. Only the information submitted will be considered in the evaluation of candidates:

  • Leadership. Research program contributing to advancing CRIR’s strategic orientations.
  • Publications. Impact and influence of research related to CRIR’s mission.
  • Commitment to CRIR. Contribution to increase CRIR visibility, participation in conferences and activities organized by the sites or administrative head office or to CRIR committees (e.g. scholarship evaluation committee).
  • Mentoring. Contribution to the training of the next generation of students in rehabilitation.


A four-member selection committee will make a recommendation to the Research Orientation Committee (COR):

  • Scientific Director (assumes the chairmanship of the selection committee).
  • Eva Kehayia.
  • Two researchers, one from each axis.

Note: A nominated candidate cannot be a member of the selection committee.


Call for applications:


The application file includes in a single PDF:

  • Cover letter of up to 2 pages written by the candidate, demonstrating that the application meets the evaluation criteria.
  • Up-to-date curriculum vitae.

The nomination must be supported by one CRIR member:

  • By email, this member must certify having read and approved the application.

Applications are submitted to the following adresse: no later than April 19,  2024, 4 p.m.


In order to receive the prize, the following documents will be requested at a later date from the recipient:

  • A photograph of the laureate
  • An bilingual abstract of 150-250 words that will be used to announce the nomination
  • Administrative information

N.B. The photograph and the abstract will be posted on the CRIR website and social media.


Find out more about the Eva Kehayia Recognition Award here.

Good luck to all!

Philippe Archambault, Ph.D. and Claudine Auger, Ph.D.  
CRIR Scientific Direction