Mandatory Tutorial in Research Ethics

All CRIR members are required to complete a training in research ethics.


Tutorial in Research Ethics

Since June 2008, a compulsory tutorial in research ethics has been required by the FRQS. Among the changes to program regulations, it is important to mention the requirement that all CRIR members receive basic tutorial in research ethics when their research project involves human subjects.

The training offered in modules 1, 3.1 and 3.2 of the MSSS’s Tutorial in Research Ethics is now available on-line and must be taken during the course of this year. In addition, the CRIR will ask its members to maintain their knowledge of research ethics by attending continuing education in the field.

Several websites offer basic training in ethics. For this purpose, we invite you to consult the links below to access the programs that are considered adequate.

The MSSS has created an on-line training program that integrates theory and practice in the field of research ethics involving human subjects. Although this training course is intended for research ethics committee members and their support staff, it is also accessible to researchers and anybody interested in research ethics. This training course can be accessed at the following address:

The second on-line training program is the Federal Government’s Tri-Council Policy Statement Tutorial. It can be accessed at the following address:


After validation with the FRQ, we wish to inform you that the mandatory training in research ethics, which CRIR asks its members to follow, does not have to be redone every three years.
From now on, members will only have to complete modules 1, 3.1 and 3.2 of the MSSS Research Ethics Tutorial once.
CRIR will also ask that members of the research centre maintain their knowledge of research ethics through continuing education in the field.


We wish you all a rewarding training session!