Programs – Research Support

Research Support

  • Support for professional translation, statistics and qualitative analysis;
  • Support for digital health service;
  • Support for survey creation;
  • Support for automatic translation – DeepL PRO subscription.

See details for support for translation services, statistics, qualitative analysis, digital health and survey creation below:


Support for translation services, statistics, qualitative analysis, digital health and survey creation


Services offered to regular CRIR researchers

CRIR’s annual budget (April 1 to March 31 of each year) provides financial support for Regular researchers, according to the percentage of time spent on research at CRIR on the FRQS registery. A maximum annual sum of $1500* per person is available for support in statistics, qualitative analysis or translation. When the budget is exhausted, requests are carried over to the following year.

*Student members and research professionals may also use these services with the agreement of their supervisor, a Regular CRIR researcher. In this case, the supervisor must confirm in writing to CRIR that he or she agrees to share or donate the full amount to the student or research professional member.

Anyone wishing to apply for financial support can contact CRIR’s administration, for a list of consultants in translation, statistics or qualitative analysis. It is also possible to suggest new names. Then:

  • Obtain a quote for the work to be done;
  • Provide the title and a short summary of the research project associated with the application;
  • Indicate the link with CRIR’s mission;
  • Explain why the project grant does not cover these costs;
  • Obtain CRIR’s approval before starting work;
  • CRIR will take care of paying the invoice once the work is completed.


⬛️ Support – Professional translation service

This may involve translation or linguistic revision of documents produced as part of a research project in line with CRIR’s mission (scientific article, presentation, document for the general public, etc.).

⬛️ Support – Statistical and qualitative analysis service

CRIR’s support enables us to pay for consulting work only (e.g., choice of analysis method or specification), and not for data processing or coding. For in-depth work, members are encouraged to include a budget for this purpose in their funding applications.

These services are offered to CRIR’s Regular researcher community.

    Professional translation, statistical and qualitative analyses services:


⬛️ Support – Digital Health service

The mission of this digital health consulting service is to provide research teams with an advisory role regarding data management (DMP) and related security elements. This includes:

  1. Provide advice in terms of storage space requirements during the active phases of research projects and data backup schedules.
  2. Assist in the design, creation, and administration of surveys, projects, and databases on various database platforms, including REDCap, LimeSurvey, and Microsoft Forms.
  3. Create client-server applications for end users (C #, Python, Unity, Unreal) and assist with direct integration of REDCap databases into research projects.

This free service is offered to CRIR’s Regular researcher community by SAMIR SANGANI, Project Manager – Digital Health at CRIR.

Samir is a qualified professional with a PhD from Marquette University (Rehabilitation Engineering, 2008). He has worked for the past 14 years at the CRIR site of the Jewish Rehabilitation Hospital (JRH) in several aspects of research including neuroimaging, virtual reality and research data management. He has been part of several large interdisciplinary projects and has developed skills and expertise in project management, security and regulatory compliance of research data, as well as the implementation of innovative solutions for multi-site projects in the management and sharing of research data.



⬛️ Support Survey creation

Discover our dedicated support service for integrating your surveys into the LimeSurvey platform for student members or RedCap for researcher members. If you’ve already created your survey in Word format and want to put it online to collect data, we’re here to help!

Our team will guide you step-by-step through the process of transferring your survey to LimeSurvey or RedCap, providing you with the assistance you need to understand and use the platform effectively. With our support, you’ll learn how to import your questionnaire, configure it to your specific needs and make it accessible online to your participants. Take advantage of our expertise to take full advantage of survey platforms and conduct your surveys with ease and efficiency.

This free service is offered to CRIR’s Regular researcher and students by CICÉRON KANLI, Research Technician at CRIR.


⬛️ Support – Automatic translation service (DeepL)

For translation services, CRIR also has a subscription to the online service DeepL Pro. To use this service, simply send us your document in Word or PowerPoint format to the address below.


Please send us your texts in a single document, whenever possible. We are limited to the number of documents we can have translated each month.

Although this option is fast and convenient, please note that the quality of the translations is not guaranteed, as they are not carried out by a qualified translator.

We also advise you to read DeepL’s privacy policy ( DeepL will not keep your document and will not use it to improve its service. We still suggest that you do not have any confidential document translated in this way.

We are delighted to offer you this new opportunity for your rapid translation needs.

This free service is offered to CRIR’s Regular researcher community by CICÉRON KANLI, Research Technician at CRIR.