Activities and Accountability Report – “New initiatives” Program

Thank you for taking part in the “New initiatives” Program! This program is an important CRIR initiative since it aims to facilitate partnerships between researchers, clinicians and administrators while addressing salient clinical issues. We would like to include all outcomes, knowledge-mobilization (KM) activities, and partnerships resulting from your “New initiatives” project in CRIR funding-related reports. This information can also be disseminated via the CRIR website, Newsletter or during other KM activities.

Please take note before you start:

  • Activities and Financial Reports: Your Activities and Financial Reports must be included as an attachment to this form. Please use the sections to that effect at the end of the form.
  • Saving your information: The information entered can be saved at any time. It is possible to return to the form at a later date. You will receive a hyperlink by email. A maximum of 90 days is provided for completion.
  • Printing: It is possible to print the form before submitting.
  • Acknowledgment of receipt: An acknowledgment of receipt will be emailed to you upon reception by CRIR.

You have questions? Contact Claudia Bojanowski by email at