Appointment: Nabila Aldjia Bouchala, Clinical Research Coordinator within Academic Affairs at the CIUSSS West-Central Montreal (CWCM)


Appointment at CRIR-Centre de réadaptation Lethbridge-Layton-Mackay

Nabila Aldjia Bouchala

Clinical Research Coordinator (CRCL, CHSLD) within Academic Affairs at the CIUSSS West-Central Montreal (CWCM) | Email:

Trained in sociology and communications, Nabila Aldjia worked as a research officer-coordinator for a project on adapting the practices of community organizations to the realities of immigrant fathers, conducted by the Regroupement pour la Valorisation de la paternité in collaboration with SHERPA. In the past, she coordinated a partnership project between the community organization La Maisonnée and the Université de Montréal’s intercultural relations research laboratory, LABRRI. She is also a lecturer at UQAM’s sociology department and media school.
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