Appointment to CRIR’s administrative headquarters: Claudia Bojanowski | Coordinator — Partnerships and Knowledge Mobilization

The CRIR Scientific Direction welcomes  Claudia Bojanowski to the position of Coordinator — Partnerships and Knowledge Mobilization.

Claudia’s role will be to foster collaborative links between CRIR researchers and various private and public sector partners (such as different levels of government, industry, clinical settings, community groups, educational institutions, foundations and various research funding agencies, etc.) in the development of research partnerships and the implementation of commercialization activities.

This position is at the heart of the CRIR’s strategic objectives and perspectives and its development plan. The preferred approach focuses on “inter-sectoral research-clinical-partner networking”.




Claudia Bojanowski

Claudia is an occupational therapist by training and holds a master’s degree in public health from the École de santé publique de l’Université de Montréal (ESPUM). Her intersectoral background has led her to work on various digital transformation and social innovation projects in health, such as the Tika Vaani mobile health platform (CRCHUM), the Dentaville social dentistry clinic (Hôpital Notre-Dame) and the Frontline Appointment Orchestrator (Petal Solutions Inc.). She was also a clinical pilot in telehealth (CCSMTL). 

Convinced of the strength of networking and partnerships, she co-founded the Université de Montréal Global Health Student Community and currently sits on the ESPUM Board as a graduate representative.

The CRIR family welcomes her!



Claudia has been on board since February 6, 2023 and can be reached via email at