Participation, social inclusion and rehabilitation services

Axis 2 includes 41 regular researchers and 8 associate researchers and the work is divided around 2 themes:










Axis 2 research focuses on a holistic and thorough understanding of rehabilitation in all its dimensions. The work aims to develop the knowledge and skills that support evidence-based rehabilitation practices. The studies are intended to promote the physical and psychosocial health of persons with physical disabilities. This research is based on life-style approaches centered on people’s lives and the development of inclusive communities.

Axis 2 research is also anchored in an intersectoral approach that promotes interaction between community organizations, clinical rehabilitation services and academic training for professionals and researchers. Thus, several innovative projects, such as the creation of the Living Rehabilitation Laboratory (RehabMaLL) and the Personalized Citizen Assistance for Social Participation (APIC) project, have not only created innovative partnerships between the public, private and community sectors, but have also strengthened the participation and social inclusion of people with physical disabilities and their families.

The programming of Axis 2 is designed to respond to the current challenges of Quebec society and rehabilitation, focusing in particular on home support policies, the aging of the population and the increase of chronic diseases.