Distribution agreement

The FRQS distribution agreement: a key document for your performance criteria!
We would like to explain to you what the distribution agreement is for grants listed in the FRQS registry. It is a document that is used to determine the researchers’ involvement (% contribution) in a research project. The percentage contribution is completely separate from the amount of the grant you are entitled to, and does not affect the indirect costs of research that may be awarded to your research center or university. If you are a Principal Investigator, it is in your best interest to complete this document in order to assign yourself the percentage you are entitled to given your greater involvement. If you are a co-investigator, you are thereby acknowledging your participation in the project. In the absence of an allocation agreement, the allocation to the registry is separated equally among all researchers. It should be noted that when there are more than 11 researchers on a research project, only the signature of the principal investigator is required, which may result in you receiving 0% of the award, despite your intellectual contribution to the project. At this point, no amount will be applied to your performance criteria. Finally, it is possible to have a new allocation agreement signed during the course of the project if the involvement of the various team members changes. The allocation agreement form is available at the CRIR administrative office and we can assist you in filling it out.

Distribution Agreement (in French)