Noise Research Lab


Our research aims to quantify and reduce the effects of noise on health both in the workplace (occupational hearing loss, occupational safety, cardiovascular diseases) and in the environment (annoyance caused by noise exposure, noise effects on sleep, cardiovascular health, quality of life). The effects of noise and its interaction with other contaminants present both in the workplace (solvents, carbon monoxide) and in the general environment of the population (pesticides, air pollutants, vibrations) are also part of the research work. The laboratory is also interested in the use of the sound environment to support the orientation and mobility of people living with both hearing and visual impairment.


Hearing, noise, hearing loss, noise annoyance, socioacoustic survey, sound localization, deaf-blindness


  • Our laboratory is equipped with sound recording and measurement tools suitable for workplaces and the outside environment. An auditory localization assessment sphere is also available to our team in a clinical setting.


Axis and research theme

AXIS 1 – Sensory, Motor and Cognitive Functions and Activities
THEME 1 – Functional Mechanisms

Research team

Tony Leroux, Ph.D.

Contact information

Noise Research Lab
Institut universitaire sur la réadaptation en déficience physique de Montréal (IURDPM), Laurier Pavilion
CIUSSS du Centre-Sud-de-l’Île-de-Montréal
2275, Laurier Avenue East
Montréal QC H2H 2N8
Telephone: 514 284-2214 (3703)