Laboratory on Advanced Technology in Rehabilitation


The focus of our laboratory is on the development, use and evaluation of rehabilitation technologies. Three main themes are studied:
  • Robotics for rehabilitation of the arm in individuals who have suffered a stroke: we use robotized devices to improve arm motion in people recovering from stroke. The robot supports the weight of the arm and can provide physical assistance during movements. The level of assistance can be adjusted to match the capabilities of each individual.  We assess various robotized rehabilitation activities and their impact on the recovery of arm movements.
  • Serious rehabilitation games: different systems based on video games consoles are now available for rehabilitation. These systems use a playful approach with preference for those rehabilitation exercises that can target arm and leg movements or balance. Our research in this domain deals with the efficacy of this type of system for rehabilitating people who have suffered a stroke as well as the systems’ clinical acceptability.
  • Wheelchair simulator: training for driving a wheelchair allows new users to develop their skills and increase their confidence. The simulators and virtual reality make it possible to safely practice complex situations such as crossing a road or driving through a crowd. We have developed a simulator for practicing driving a motorized or manual wheelchair or a scooter. Our approach focuses on affordable technologies allowing the simulator to be used in the clinic or at home.


Technology, robotics, virtual reality, assistive technology, stroke, mobility wheelchair.


Axis and research theme

AXIS 1 – Sensory, Motor and Cognitive Functions and Activities
THEME 2 – Physical and Cognitive Activities

Research team

Philippe Archambault, Ph.D.

Contact information

Laboratory on Advanced Technology in Rehabilitation
CRIR–Jewish Rehabilitation Hospital
CISSS de Laval
3205, Alton-Goldbloom Place
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