Pain Lab


The overarching goal of Timothy Wideman’s research program is to improve the lives of people living with pain. His lab works toward this goal by focusing on three streams of research. The first stream focuses on developing new tools and strategies to help physiotherapists and other rehabilitation professionals better understand and manage pain-related disability. These include measuring and targeting psychological and sensitizing factors that have been shown to influence treatment outcomes, but that are not commonly addressed in current clinical practice. The second line of research focuses on using qualitative and mixed-methodologies to better characterize and address the subjective experience of pain. The third line of research focuses on using knowledge translation strategies to improve the quality and consistency of pain education for healthcare professionals.


Musculoskeletal pain, physical activity, sensitivity.

Axis and research theme

AXIS 1 – Sensory, Motor and Cognitive Functions and Activities
THEME 2 – Physical and Cognitive Activities

Research team

Timothy H. Wideman, Ph.D.

Contact information

Pain Lab
CRIR–Lethbridge-Layton-Mackay Rehabilitation Centre
Constance-Lethbridge Site – Room 2-250
CIUSSS West-Central Montreal
7005, de Maisonneuve Blvd West
Montréal QC H4B 1T3