Sharing our knowledge

  • Knowledge mobilization is an organizational priority and integral part of CRIR research programs and activities.
  • Research investigating knowledge mobilization strategies is also one of CRIR’s priorities (i.e., identifying best methods for informing and optimizing health care practises, supporting decision-making, and influencing public policy).
  • CRIR values a knowledge mobilization approach grounded in partnership and integrated in all phases of the research process. Researchers, clinicians, students, rehabilitation service users, partners and other stakeholders actively collaborate to promote dissemination and uptake of research results.
  • Research results are made available and accessible to knowledge users through multiple means: scientific, clinical and lay publications, knowledge mobilization tools, conferences, seminars and workshops, social media and events for the public.
  • For more information on partnership and knowledge mobilization please contact: Claudia Bojanowski, Coordinator, Partnerships and Knowledge Mobilization:

Partnerships and Knowledge Mobilization Platform

Supported by the Partnerships and Knowledge Mobilization Coordinator, Clinical Research Coordinators, Site Directors, Axis Leaders, and Innovation Broker, our platform offers support and guidance to our members and organizes activities related to knowledge mobilization. The platform’s services and activities revolve around five main components:

Funding Training Coaching Outreach and Networking Consultation
The Goal Encouraging collaboration Providing practical tools to our members Supporting our members in an agile manner Raising awareness of the CRIR community and rehabilitation research Promotion rehabilitation priorities
Description Pilot projects for partnership research initiatives Dissemination of resources (e.g., best practices, guides, definitions), training, and working tools Customized approach to support the project cycle (identification of partners, ideation, co-creation, etc.) Research results, research programs, new methodologies, clinical challenges, community or industry challenges, prizes and distinctions Contribution to consultations on standards, legislation, common messages, briefs, etc.
CRIR members mainly concerned Researchers, clinicians, managers Researchers, students, clinicians, managers, external partners Researchers, clinicians, managers Researchers, clinicians, managers, students, external partners External partners
Preferred means “New Initiatives” Program, Institutional Foundations (Accredited) Conferences, video capsules, workshops, certificate program (Tremplin), axis workshops Individual meetings Lunch conferences, film conferences, networking activities, media, researcher expertise database, CRIR Connects, Eva Kehayia and Bonnie Swaine prizes Small groups

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