CRIR welcomes many students to its various research sites. There are more than 400 students, including 180 master’s students, 190 doctoral students, 40 postdoctoral trainees/fellows, 20 interns over the course of the year, and an average of 30 summer students on average.

Students benefit from the rich interdisciplinary research environment as well as by having access to resources that their director, a CRIR regular researcher, can make available, such as shared research staff.

Students are an integral part of the research teams. They contribute towards CRIR research, are involved in promoting research in rehabilitation and participate in CRIR activities (conferences, symposia, meetings).

A CRIR student symposium is organized once a year by the students. You can browse the last symposium’s program in the Events section. These symposia enable students to present the progress of their research and to discuss a variety of topics that will enable them to improve their skills, such as transferring scientific knowledge to the public and presenting published work.

In the “Students” section, you will find all the necessary documentation that will enable you to take full advantage of your CRIR student membership. Feel free to contact your student representatives with any questions you might have.