CRIR Student Committee

CRIR is very pleased to support the next generation of researchers and its student committee, which includes two student representatives of Axis I and Axis 2, along with students representing CRIR institutions.

The 2 axis student representatives express the views of the student members of CRIR, notably on the Research Orientation Committee (COR), which meets five times a year. The student representatives lead and belong to the student committee, which organizes several activities during the year, including orientation day (new students), the general meeting of students, workshops and conferences that reflect students’ needs, along with the annual student Symposium, held in the winter. These activities are among the privileges that CRIR members enjoy.

Getting involved in the student committee is an experience that is both intellectually and professionally gratifying. It is an enriching way to participate more actively in the life of your research centre. By helping plan student activities you can optimally extend your network and cooperate with other students and researchers from various disciplines, different universities and numerous research centres affiliated with the CRIR.

If you are a student with particular needs and wish to participate in CRIR events, please do not hesitate to inform the CRIR administration.

For more information about the committee and its activities, to join the committee, or for any other questions about CRIR, please email the CRIR administration at: [email protected] or contact the CRIR student committee members directly.

The students are integrated into various research programs and the 2 CRIR research axes. Two student representatives sit on the CRIR Research Orientation Committee (COR) and on other committees on an ad hoc basis, including the Communications Committee, a COR  subcommittee:

CRIR Student Representatives by Axis

AXIS 1 — Sensory, Motor and Cognitive Functions and Activities
Marika Demers, McGill University
Doctoral student in Rehabilitation Science under the supervision of Mindy F. Levin
[email protected]

AXIS 2 — Participation, Social Inclusion and Rehabilitation Services
Evelina Pituch, Université de Montréal
Doctoral student in Rehabilitation Science under the supervision of Carolina Bottari
[email protected]


CRIR Student Representatives by Site

CIUSSS du Centre-Sud-de-l’Île-de-Montréal

institut universitaire sur la réadaptation en déficience physique de montréal (IURDPM)

Mireille Gagnon-Roy
Doctoral student with Carolina Bottari
[email protected]

Zakia Hammouni
Doctoral student with Tiiu Poldma
[email protected]

Mathieu Lalumière
Doctoral student with Dany H. Gagnon
[email protected]

Katherine Montpetit-Tourangeau
Doctoral student with Annie Rochette
katherine.montpetit-tourang[email protected]

Alexandra Tessier
Doctoral student with Claire Croteau
[email protected]

CIUSSS west-central montreal

Lethbridge-layton-mackay Rehabilitation Centre

Nathalie Martiniello
Doctoral student with Walter Wittich
[email protected]

Maitri Modi
Master’s student with Sara Ahmed
[email protected]

CISSS de la Montérégie-Centre

Institut Nazareth et Louis-Braille

Marie-Céline Lorenzini
Doctoral student with Walter Wittich
[email protected]

CISSS de Laval

Jewish Rehabilitation Hospital

Marika Demers
Doctoral student with Mindy F. Levin
[email protected]