How to become a member

Procedure for the appointment of a student, trainee, postdoctoral

The student, trainee and postdoctoral fellow enrolled in an affiliated university and led by a regular CRIR researcher can become a CRIR member by completing the online registration form.

His supervisor (regular CRIR researcher) will then be automatically informed of his registration and will approve his membership with the CRIR administration.  An acknowledgment of receipt will then be sent to the student.

  • The duration of his CRIR student membership is according to the length of his studies under the supervision of the regular CRIR’s researcher.
  • Student, trainee and postdoctoral fellow are responsible for informing the CRIR administration of any change in academic level (master’s, doctorate, postdoctorate) and end of studies. To do so, they must complete the form below.
  • Please note: an up-to-date file allows student members to participate in CRIR activities and in the annual CRIR Student Scholarship Program (if applicable).

Registration Form – Student