Lucie Beaudry | Recipient of two awards!

Lucie Beaudry recipient of two awards!

Lucie Beaudry is a CRIR-IURDPM researcher and Professor in the Dance Department of the Faculty of Arts at UQAM


Prize for the best doctoral thesis – Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of UQAM

The thesis was directed by Sylvie Fortin (Dance Department, UQAM) and co-directed by Annie Rochette (School of Rehabilitation, UdeM, also a member of CRIR!).


Prix Étincelle, UQAM : “From idea to innovation” competition

The Étincelle award, which recognizes the excellence and potential of a new initiative presenting an original and promising approach, idea or niche, was awarded to the GRASP project. The team led by Professors Lucie Beaudry (dance) and Diane Leduc (didactics) proposes to develop a dance version of the Graded Repetitive Arm Supplementary Program (GRASP), an upper limb rehabilitation program specifically designed for people who have suffered a stroke.

Combined intervention – including motor and cognitive components – is gaining popularity in rehabilitation, with recent studies demonstrating the superiority of training programs that use this approach. Dance is one such combination intervention that should be considered for upper extremity stroke rehabilitation, as it is more challenging than other conventional forms of exercise.

The GRASP-dance at a distance that its creators wish to develop will rely on a scripting of the program and a personalized simulation of interactions with the user, which will be inspired by the work done on conversational robots.

The team also includes Professors Janice Eng (University of British Columbia), Hanna Pohjola (University of Eastern Finland) and Annie Rochette (Université de Montréal) as well as post-doctoral fellow Marika Demers (University of Southern California).

In addition to the Spark Award, the team won the Axelys Award, worth $5,000, for the support and financing of the maturation of an innovation.