Conférence scientifique du CRIR – Atul Jaiswal | 20 octobre 2021

Quand : 20 octobre 2021 12:00 au 20 octobre 2021 13:00

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How to improve care for older adults with dual sensory loss during and post pandemic: stragegies and emerging possibilities

Atul Jaiswal, Ph.D. MSW


Atul Jaiswal is a CIHR Health System Impact post-doctoral fellow in Vision Science in the Wittich Vision Impairment Research Laboratory at the School of Optometry, University of Montreal, Canada, in collaboration with the research partner organization the Institut Nazareth et Louis-Braille (INLB), Montreal. His scholarship aims to advance the knowledge in the field of combined vision and hearing impairment [referred to as dual sensory impairment (DSI) or deafblindness] and generate evidence to inform global health and rehabilitation care practice. His postdoc work aims to explore ways to prepare the Canadian healthcare system to meet the needs of older adults with DSI by addressing the barriers to health services and health information during and post COVID-19.

Approximately 1.1 million older Canadians experience combined vision and hearing loss [referred to as dual sensory loss (DSL)]. Older adults with DSL often experience challenges in accessing health services and may have adverse outcomes such as cognitive impairment, depression, falls, functional decline, social isolation, and mortality. The current COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the challenges for this ageing population due to physical distancing restrictions that restrict their communication, mobility, and social interactions. Yet, the evidence in the Canadian context to improve the care process for this ageing population is limited. Using the evidence generated from a systematic review, a qualitative study with older Canadians with DSL from Quebec and Ontario and their caregivers, and an online survey and qualitative interviews with healthcare professionals, this knowledge translation presentation will highlight a picture of the continuum of care for older adults with DSL in Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic. The emphasis will be given to present the practical strategies that could help clinicians overcome the barriers to health information and health services access for older adults with DSL during the pandemic and provide better geriatric health or rehabilitation care services.

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