Call for applications to the CRIR student committee

Getting involved in the student committee is an experience that is both intellectually and professionally gratifying. It is an enriching way to participate more actively in the life of your research centre.

CRIR is very pleased to support the next generation of researchers and its student committee, which includes one student representative of Axis I and Axis 2, as well as student representatives for each of the CRIR institutions.

  • The 2 axis student representatives express the views of the student members of CRIR, notably on the Research Orientation Committee (COR), which meets five times a year.
  • The student representatives lead and belong to the student committee, which organizes several activities during the year:
  • orientation day (new students)
  • the general meeting of students
  • workshops and conferences that reflect students’ needs
  • the annual student Symposium, held in the winter

These activities are among the privileges that CRIR members enjoy.


Four (4) positions will be available on the CRIR student committee for the year 2020-2021.

Axis 2 student representative (1 position) – Find out more
Student site representative (3 positions) – Find out more

Interested in taking up the challenge?

Send your application (CV and 200-word letter of intent) by email to the attention of Ms. Chantal Bibeau at, with your supervisor in CC, no later than May 24, 2020.


We hope that this amazing opportunity will spark your interest!

The Scientific directors of CRIR and Institut universitaire sur la réadaptation en déficience physique de Montréal (IURDPM),

Philippe Archambault, erg. PhD, McGill University & Claudine Auger, erg. PhD, Université de Montréal