CRIR’s Strategics Orientations

Orientations 2022-2028

  1. Integrate interdisciplinary and intersectoral perspectives for state-of-the-art rehabilitation
  2. Develop innovative strategies to support the continuum of rehabilitation services from acute care to the community
  3. Promote inclusion, justice and social participation through inclusive environments
  4. Advance the science of knowledge mobilization and translation
  5. Adapt to societal challenges in an agile manner
  6. Accelerate research in clinical settings by addressing organizational, ethical and policy issues
DOWNLOAD HERE: 2022-2028 Strategic Orientations: Objectives, Activities and Indicators


The Faces of CRIR Research

Discover in video what motivates our research and our 6 Strategic Orientations 2022-2028:

All videos have the option for French or English subtitles as well as Sign Language interpretation. Quebec Sign Language (LSQ) is used for the French videos and American Sign Language (ASL) for the English video.

The CRIR in 3 words

Motor return and rehabilitation

Dance and rehabilitation

Inclusive environments and rehabilitation

Aging, braille and rehabilitation

Aging, braille and

With videodescription

Communication and rehabilitation