Open Access Publications

Open access is a global movement for the democratization of research knowledge.
It consists of making scientific publications and research data available online, free of charge and without restriction.

Open Access

  • Concerns CRIR researchers and students
  • Ensures the dissemination of publicly funded research results
  • Facilitates the utilization of research outcomes by a wide range of knowledge users: researchers, students, clinicians, policy makers, private sector organizations, not-for-profit organizations and the general public
  • Improves the citation of scientific publications and their impact

Granting Agencies

Several research granting agencies are part of this movement and have developed policies, including :

University resources

Universities to which the majority of CRIR researchers and students belong to offer resources and services to make publications and research results Open access:

Other resources

Unpaywall (Impactstory) is a tool that allows you to locate the legally released open access version of more than 27 million academic articles from more than 50,000 publishers and institutional or disciplinary repositories. 


September 29, 2020 Workshop
« Déposer ses publications scientifiques en libre accès : répondre aux exigences des politiques des FRQ, IRSC, CRSNG et CRSH en matière de diffusion en libre accès des résultats de la recherche »

2020-09-29_PolitiqueLibreAccesCRIR_(in French)

(in French)