How to become a member

Researchers – clinician/healthcare professional – Research Professional


Researcher – Procedure for nominating or renewal:

To become a CRIR researcher member, the applicant must submit:

  • a written request to the scientific direction indicating, in a cover letter, his interest in adaptation-rehabilitation research, the percentage of research time he intends to devote at CRIR (if the researcher is affiliated with more than one research centre, he or she indicates the % devoted to another FRQS research centre in addition to the CRIR – the total must be equal to 100%), its research axis and thematic unit and attach his curriculum vitae for evaluation as well as five selected publications and a web link to a complete list of publications (PubMed, Publons, GoogleScholar, ResearchGate…);
  • a recommendation from his immediate superior;
  • a recommendation from the rehabilitation institution is necessary when the researcher intends to establish his research laboratory within its space (required only for regular researchers).

The request is evaluated by the Research Orientation Committee (ROC) and presented at one of the CRIR meetings (AGM or ACC) for recommendation to the Board of Directors, which puts forth the official nomination. The appointment is for a period of five years.

When to submit your application?
You must submit your application and documents at least 3 weeks prior to the date of the Research Orientation Committee (ROC) meeting. For the dates of the meetings, click here.

Any researcher who desires to renew his status must present, on recommendation of the institution where most of his research activities are carried out, a written request indicating his interest to remain at CRIR, the percentage of time devoted to research, as well as a progress report of research activities.


Clinician/healthcare professional – Procedure for nominating or renewal:

To become a CRIR clinician/healthcare professional member, the candidate must work at one of the six CRIR sites and collaborate on research projects with a regular CRIR researcher. The term of appointment is for a period of five years.

The clinician/healthcare professional member who wishes to become a member or renew his/her status must complete the online application form.

The application will then be reviewed by the Research Orientation Committee (ROC). for approval. If approved, the appointment will be made by CRIR’s scientific direction who will inform the assembly of researchers and CRIR’s board of directors.

Application or renewal – Clinician/Health Care Professional


Research Professional – Membership Procedure:

To become a CRIR research professional member, the candidate must work with a regular CRIR researcher. The duration of his CRIR member depends on the length of time he or she works with a regular CRIR researcher.

The research professional who wants to become a member of CRIR must complete the online form below.

His supervisor (CRIR researcher) will then be automatically informed of his registration and will approve his membership with the CRIR administration.  An acknowledgment of receipt will then be sent to the research professional.

Registration Form – Research Professional


Student, trainee, postdoctoral – Membership Procedure:

Click on this link for details and application form: