CALL FOR PROJECTS – CRIR New Initiatives Program 2023-2024



The CRIR “New Initiatives” Program for the development of research in clinical rehabilitation settings, 2023-2024 edition is now open.

  • The deadline for receiving projects is February 15, 2024, 4:00 p.m.EXTENSION until March 12, 2024, 4 p.m.
  • All research themes will be considered.
  • Complete program description, click here.
  • Submit your proposal via the online submission form.

The objective of this competition is to award a grant that will encourage the formulation of a project, either for drafting a research protocol on an original problem or for the start-up of a new research team working on an original problem. In either case, the problem studied must emerge from a clinical setting and/or have a direct impact on the clinical setting. In addition, it is important to demonstrate how the grant received will support your future research.

RECIPIENTS WILL RECEIVE A MAXIMUM AMOUNT OF $10,000 PER PROJECT, for a period of 18 mounths, following the granting OF FUNDS.


This year, the New initiatives budget will be enhanced by the contribution of the Habilitas Foundation and the CIUSSS West-Central-Montreal (CCOMTL), who will support projects specifically addressing the needs of youth and young adults aged 21-35, from among the projects that meet the criteria of the New Initiatives 2023-2024 program. Please note that the overall competition is open to all rehabilitation topics and clientele.


Many thanks to the Habilitas Foundation and the CCOMTL for supporting clinical research!
About the Habilitas Foundation.



It is strongly recommended that you carefully read the program details and consult the submission form and the evaluation grid before and during the preparation of your application. For your information, the evaluation grid used in the analysis of the projects is included in the email and is also available on the website.

Click here for full details of the competition.


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Good luck to everyone! 

Philippe Archambault, Ph.D. and Claudine Auger, Ph.D.
CRIR Scientific Directors