Appointment to CRIR’s administrative headquarters: Mohamed Mathlouthi | Research axes coordinator

The CRIR’s scientific direction and the team of axes and thematic units are pleased to announce the appointment of Mohamed Mathlouthi to the position of Research axes coordinator.

Mohamed will assist the axis and thematic unit managers in developing and implementing the programming of scientific activities for the axes. He will plan and organize events (roundtables, training sessions, thematic workshops and brainstorming sessions for research and clinical members), as well as collecting and analyzing data according to CRIR’s performance indicators. He will also act as a resource person for all strategic questions related to research-related issues (open access policy, research data management and sharing, special projects). Finally, he will contribute to CRIR’s development plan by supporting the work involved.


Mohamed Mathlouthi

Mohamed is a kinesiologist holding two Master’s degrees in Kinesiology and Health Sciences Research from the University of Sherbrooke. With years of experience in clinical research and healthcare, he is recognized for his organizational skills, project management and coordination abilities. His professional journey includes positions in academic and public sectors, demonstrating his commitment and expertise in the field.

The CRIR family welcomes him!




Mohamed has been on board since April 9, 2024 and can be reached via email at