Jewish Rehabilitation Hospital Appointment – Clinical Research Coordinator: Mireia Carrillo Simon

CRIR at the Jewish Rehabilitation Hospital welcomes a new Clinical Research Coordinator (3 days/week)

The Center for Interdisciplinary Rehabilitation Research (CRIR) at Jewish Rehabilitation Hospital is pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Mireia Carrillo Simon as Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) (3 days/week).

A research assistant at Jewish Rehabilitation Hospital since 2014, she has helped many students with their masters and PhD projects assisting them with data collection, recruitment of patients and evaluating and testing research participants as well as the delivery of researchbased interventions. Since 2015, she is part of the AVC-Neuro-SINT program working in the Games Room with patients and assisting the Program Coordinator in different tasks.

The role of the clinical research coordinator is to coordinate and stimulate clinical research, act as an intermediary between clinicians and research teams in order to promote researchclinical collaboration, support clinicians in submitting grant applications and facilitate the dissemination of research results.

Please join me to welcome Ms. Mireia Carrillo Simon.