Job offer: Postdoctoral Research Associates | The Laboratory for Movement Neuroscience at Northeastern University

Postdoctoral Research Associates


The Laboratory for Movement Neuroscience at Northeastern University is recruiting Postdoctoral Research Associates to conduct research in human motor control/learning. Ideal candidates will have strong experimental, technical/engineering, and quantitative skills.

Funded projects focus on investigation of frontoparietal circuits in reach to grasp, humanrobot/computer interactions, non-invasive brain stimulation-based approaches for studies of neuromotor organization/control, cognitive-motor interactions, and other related work.

Methodologies in the lab include non-invasive brain stimulation (TMS and electrical), TMScompatible EEG, EMG, motion/eye tracking, VR/robotics, MRI, among other techniques. Opportunities to collaborate with other centers and labs across the university are available.


The ideal candidate for the position will have a PhD or equivalent in movement science, neuroscience, kinesiology, bioengineering, electrical and computer engineering, computer science, mathematics, or psychology or related field.

The candidate should have experience with experimental design and collection of human motor behavior and/or neurophysiology in healthy/patient populations, strong technical skills, and effective communication skills. Background in computational neuroscience is a plus.


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