Podcast : « La Parole Aux Orthophonistes »

Do you know the Podcast, « La Parole Aux Orthophonistes » ?

It is a place of exchange between speech therapists. The themes are diverse: administrative, parenthood, gender, training, etc. Brief ! Everything that makes our job, our job quite simply.
The Postcast Elie and Elioz, questioning public 2SLGBTQIA+ practices was produced by Élie Tremblay and Élioz Pannetier and talks about how they plan to support the evolution of practices towards real inclusiveness and equity for 2S/LGBTQIA+ communities.
Élie Tremblay, a master’s level student at the University of Montreal, supervised by researcher
Ingrid Verduyckt (CRIR-IURDPM) is collaborating on the research project “L’orthophonie pour toustes”.