Tatiana Ogourtsova – Eva Kehayia 2023 Recognition Award Winner

The Scientific Direction of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Rehabilitation of Greater Montreal (CRIR) concluded the third edition of the “Eva Kehayia Recognition Award*“.

This distinction is awarded to a CRIR researcher who has contributed to the development of adaptation-rehabilitation research and to CRIR’s mission during the first seven years of their career.

For the third edition, several excellent applications were carefully analyzed by the evaluation committee composed of three researchers and chaired by the Co-Scientific Director of CRIR.


Eva Kehayia 2023 Recognition Award – Promising Young Investigator

Laureate : Tatiana Ogourtsova, CRIR-Jewish Rehabilitation Hospital Researcher (JRH)


Congratulations to Tatiana Ogourtsova who was selected for her leadership in her research program, for the structures and strategies she has put in place to promote the mobilization of the knowledge generated by her research work,  for her contribution to CRIR’s scientific activities and for her role as mentor to the next generation of students.


Tatiana Ogourtsova, O.T., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, McGill University;
Regular Researcher, CRIR–Jewish Rehabilitation Hospital (JRH), CISSS de Laval


*This award was created in 2021 in honor of Eva Kehayia, CRIR’s Scientific Co-Director from 2000-2020.


CRIR | June 5, 2023