Marc Roig Pull, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, School of Physical and Occupational Therapy, McGill University
Regular Researcher, Feil Oberfeld/CRIR–Jewish Rehabilitation Hospital Research Centre, CISSS de Laval

Phone: 450 688-9550 (84599)

Fax: 450 688-3673




  • B.Sc., Physical Education and Sports Sciences, University of Barcelona, Spain, 2001
  • B.Sc., Physiotherapy, Ramon Llull University, Spain, 2004
  • M.Sc., Sports Medicine and Exercise Science, Nottingham University, United Kingdom, 2005
  • Ph.D., Rehabilitation Sciences, University of British Columbia, 2010
  • Postdoctorate, Neurophysiology, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, 2013

Research interests

Understanding the mechanisms that control the learning of new motor skills in the elderly; use of electrophysiology and neuroimaging techniques.

Research laboratory

Memory-Lab – Motor Memory Rehabilitation Lab

Selected publications

Cristini, J., Weiss, M., de Las Heras, B., Medina-Rincón, A., Dagher, A., Postuma, R.B., . . . Roig, M. (2021). The effects of exercise on sleep quality in persons with Parkinson’s disease: A systematic review with meta-analysis. Sleep Medicine Reviews, 55, 101384. [doi]

Chen, J., Roig, M. & Wright, D.L. (2020). Exercise reduces competition between procedural and declarative memory systems. eNeuro, 7(4), 0070-0020.2020. [doi]

de Las Heras, B., Li, O., Rodrigues, L., Nepveu, J.F. & Roig, M. (2020). Exercise improves video game performance: A win-win situation. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 52(7), 1595-1602. [doi]

Centeno, C., Medeiros, D., Beck, M.M., Lugassy, L., Gonzalez, D.F., Nepveu, J.F. & Roig, M. (2018). The effects of aging on cortico-spinal excitability and motor memory consolidation. Neurobiology of Aging, 70, 254-264. [doi]

Dal Maso, F., Desormeau, B., Boudrias, M.H. & Roig, M. (2018). Acute cardiovascular exercise promotes functional changes in cortico-motor networks during the early stages of motor memory consolidation. Neuroimage, 174, 380-392. [doi]

—Other publications



Research orientation

Axis 1: Sensory, Motor and Cognitive Functions and Activities

Research topic

Thème 1 : The person, their entourage and the community

Theme 1: Functional Mechanisms

Research Site

CRIR – Jewish Rehabilitation Hospital, CISSS de Laval

University Affiliation