Support for a presentation at a conference

Financial support for a presentation at a conference

  • The annual budget of CRIR (April 1 to March 31) includes a financial support of $900 per FRQS registry regular researcher by percentage of time in research at CRIR and $500 per clinician/health care professional member to help defray registration fees, travel and living expenses related to a presentation at a conference.
  • For FRQS registry researchers, this amount can be shared or given in its entirety to their graduate students.  In this case, the full member must confirm in writing to the CRIR that he/she agrees to share or give this amount to his/her CRIR student.
  • Expenses related to this must be made in the CRIR’s fiscal year and according to the travel expenses rules (in French) of the Ministry of Health and Social Services.
  • To receive financial support for a presentation at a conference, the applicant must present a written request including :
    • details of the presentation (title, venue, date) with the submitted abstract (with the authors and CRIR logo);
    • the letter of acceptance of the presentation or abstract;
    • a copy of the conference program (copies of the first page of the program as well as the page where your presentation and your name appear).
  • The request must be accompanied by the original receipts of expenditures, the credit card statement showing the payment, as well as the boarding passes if required, upon return of the trip.
  • A form indicating your personal information must be filled out and given to CRIR in order to complete your file in the accounting department. Click here for the Accounting Department FORM..


Sabine Leunens
Administrative Agent