CHILD-BRIGHT network’s research program themes:
1) BRIGHT Beginnings: Five research projects focus on bringing experimental advances to human clinical studies to minimize brain injury and restore brain function. This will allow the team to identify the most effective practices that will promote resilience, improve the child’s physical and mental health, and enhance well-being.
2) BRIGHT Supports: Four projects will transform outcomes by integrating mental health support into the care of children and youth with brain-based developmental disabilities who experience behavioural difficulties. Novel technologies and interventions will be evaluated in children with a wide range of disabilities. Health promotion strategies that foster fitness and social participation will also be developed.
3) BRIGHT Futures: Three projects will redesign parts of the healthcare system to be more responsive to family needs as their children develop, focusing on key transition periods. The intent is to produce policy-relevant, cost-effective innovations that will transform real-world service delivery to patients/families throughout their growth trajectories, improving children’s health and empowering their families.
Annette Majnemer co-leads “BRIGHT-Coaching”, which is testing the provision of education and support to families of preschoolers.
Her research program focuses on two themes:
i) early identification of infants at high-risk for disability using electrophysiologic, neurobehavioral and knowledge translation (KT) tools,
ii) factors that influence activity limitations and participation restrictions in children with disabilities (e.g. preterm, congenital heart defects, cerebral palsy). Furthermore, she studies knowledge translation and exchange strategies that promote best practices for the early identification of disability and the uptake of effective rehabilitation interventions.


Patient-oriented research, knowledge translation, participation, leisure, rehabilitation services, outcome measures, developmental disability, cerebral palsy, congenital heart disease, preterm survivors.


A list of project leads for the CHILD-BRIGHT Network research projects can be found here:
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Axis and research theme

AXIS 2 – Participation, Social Inclusion and Rehabilitation Services
THEME 1 – The Person, their Entourage and the Community

Research team

Annette Majnemer, Ph.D.

Contact information

5252, de Maisonneuve Blvd West, 3rd Floor
Montréal (Québec) H4A 3S9
P 514 412-4000 (22902)